I love wine, I really do.  I enjoy whites mostly, cool crisp dry wines with about 12-13% alcohol.  I like opening the bottle and the sound glug, glug, glug as it pours out.  Wine just seems so sophisticated and classic, like something out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and who doesn’t like wine? 

It can be paired with so many things, cheese, fruit, chocolate.  So with all the wonderful things about wine, what makes it so bad for me?

I would love to just savor a glass for an hour, relax in front of a window and just sip.  It’s such a pleasant picture and every time i want to drink I just imagine that, enjoying the flavor and pacing myself, which never happens.

When I buy wine I have good intentions. I like to only drink two glasses at most. Lately I’ve been buying the 4 pk mini bottles and drink 2, technically it’s about 2.4 glasses because 4 minis equal once 750 ml bottle that hold about 25 oz. You see I know a lot about wine and standard size drinks even though I use my own measurements.

When I first open a bottle or mini, I tend to gulp it fast, sometimes within 5 minutes, clearly I’m not savoring anything, I just want that feeling, the ahhh everything will be ok.

As I type this, I’m experiencing cravings. I have zero wine in the house. I’m trying, really trying to get healthy. I’ve been down this road a few times and walked back to start. After a few days I usually convince myself it wasn’t that bad, half the people I work with drink daily. I rationalize a lot. To date, I’ve never been in trouble with the law, hurt anyone or myself; that is some luck though. When i was younger I was stupid. As I got older I developed rules. I prefer to drink at home and solo.

It will be a week tomorrow without alcohol. My goal is to at least get a month. I’m starting this blog to be accountable for myself and put feelings into words.

I won’t tell you my name but I can say I’m probably a winoholic.

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