Weekends are hard, Friday nights in particular.  It’s the end of the workweek and all you want to do is relax and unwind, for me this equals have wine.

I have a pretty standard Friday night ritual, it involves wine, tv and some snacks.  It’s been my night to do nothing but indulge.  I usually gulp a glass when I get home then have some dinner.  Later, once everyone is situated- daughter in bed, hubby watching his shows, it’s my solo time.  I have about 2-3 more drinks, so essentially a bottle.  If I’m feeling too tipsy, I’ll eat to soak up some of the vino.

So there it is, my standard Friday night and I’m missing it.  Why?  Nothing spectacular about taking in appox. 1000-1500 calories in three hours.  This ritual has resulted in quite a bit of what I’ll call wine gain.

Well tonight is Friday, it’s been 7 days now.  I really wanted to stop off at the convenience store on my way home.  I pass by two of them sometimes three if I vary my route.  Of course I know which ones sell beer and wine, got to switch it up, otherwise they see you picking up bottles daily.  What would they think? After all, I don’t want these people knowing me by name; it’s bad enough when they start to recognize your face.

Anyway, I didn’t stop to buy alcohol, but I did go to the grocery store to get Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale. I noticed the woman at the checkout next to me had three bottles, perhaps she’s off wine too

So right now I’m going to be refilling my raspberry gingerale and adding a few ice cubes too.  I like the tinkling of the ice in glass, it’s a pleasant sound.  I used to sometimes put ice in wine too.  Oh you may cringe, but it kept it cold and I felt it made me drink less.

I feel ok, I’m going to get through the night. There will be many more of these, so I have to figure it out sans alcohol.  I hope to stay strong.









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