Over my many years of drinking, I’ve put on quite a bit of wine gain, meaning I’m overweight.  I have about 30 pounds to lose.  One of my goals for cutting drinking is weight loss.

I looked in the mirror today and couldn’t believe it.  I’ve let myself go, between getting married and having a child, the weight hasn’t come off. 

Last summer I was walking about two miles daily during the workweek and biking three to four days a week at least 5 miles each time.  I lost some weight, but never enough because I was still drinking.  I would actually come home, eat, have wine, then bike.  Sometimes I was definitely buzzed on the bike.

I’ve decided I’ve had enough, I want to be fit and feel good.  I want to stick to something.  I’m worried too.  Like any addict, I want instant gratification and when I don’t get it, I’m frustrated. I know it will be a long journey.

Often times I get really gung ho and into something, then when I don’t see results, I lose interest and start to slip. I don’t want that to happen.  I will just need to keep a positive mind and attitude.

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