They often go hand and hand.  Well I’ve got one beat. The other will be day to day work in progress.

I’ve been smoke free about three years now.  I don’t know the exact date but it was around St. Pat’s Day. I started smoking fairly young, almost thirteen.  I didn’t start due to peer pressure or a dare, I just wanted to try it.  I stole my first cigarettes from my stepmother.  I’d smoke them after school, I was latch key kid so I had about three hours until my mom got home.

Smoking became my secret hobby.  I would sit outside listen to my walkman, drink soda, smoke and think.  I’ve always been very inside my own head and smoking was great for that.  I would chain smoke, get lost in my thoughts and the music.

I smoked until I was 35, that’s a long time.  I never really thought about it until I tried to quit.  Smoking had become such a part of my life, it was engrained in me. It’s similar to how I feel about drinking.

My number one reason for quitting cigarettes was my daughter and my family.  Smoking had also become a chore and an embarrassment.  These days no one smokes due to the health risks and costs. If you smoke it seems taboo.  Overall I just became sick and tired of it, after all there is no redeeming quality for smoking.

I feel alcohol is so socially acceptable, which makes quitting harder.  It’s also available  everywhere, not completely outlawed like smoking.
Sometimes I feel I minimize my drinking.  I know I was drinking more than I should.  The average was probably 3 glasses of wine a night with maybe a night off within the week, basically three bottles a week.  This was actually an improvement.  At one time it was about 4 to 5.

I catch myself thinking that I’m not that bad, everyone drinks and I deserve a glass of wine.  It’s especially hard during the work week with stress of my job.

I keep reminding myself I’m doing this for a reason and if I didn’t have an issue, it wouldn’t be this hard.  I just wish there was an easy button.

2 thoughts on “Smoking and Drinking

  1. The best way I found was to see everything as an excuse… When you find yourself saying… I’ve had a hard week I deserve a drink.. Excuse… When you feel upset or down because someone’s upset you and you think… A bottle will make me feel better… Excuse.. If you train yourself to recognise everything as an excuse not a reason it helps.. Trust me 🙂

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