Feeling down today, has been another emotional day. I’m often stressed and anxious too, but the sadness and depression hits me more. I don’t like feeling like I have to cry and I hate feeling vulnerable.

On the bright side, another weekend passed without a drink. It is hard getting used to life without chemicals. I felt like I could face life provided there was a drink or two waiting at the end of the day. I’m not giving myself that option now, so I have to find something else. I do plan on getting back to exercising but I get nervous about that too. Sometimes I don’t start things or I procrastinate because I’m afraid I’ll fail. Then when I do start something, I am frustrated that I don’t see immediate results. I really can be my own worst enemy. I really need to develop some coping strategies, especially in high stress situations.

Tomorrow begins a new work week. I know there will be challenges. My job is very busy and can be overwhelming at times. At any given point, I’m working on five to ten projects. It is constant multitasking and shifting gears. I need to be positive and realize I cannot do it all. I will give my best as anyways. I will not bring the stress of work home. I will enjoy time with my daughter, husband and my dog.

I’m hopeful everyday will get better and a little bit easier. I’m on the right path in this new journey.

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