Trying to keep a positive focus through lifes ups and downs and most importantly not drink. The last few weeks have been stressful. One of us in the household has been constantly sick. This week it was my daughter, she had a fever for 5 days. She’s finally feeling better and now I’m getting a head cold. It’s ok though, because I am healthy. I’m not poisoning my body daily with chemicals that don’t make me feel any better and tend to add more stress.

Looking forward to the weekend, we have a state holiday on Monday and my work is actually closed. We normally don’t get this holiday off, so that is a plus. I want to start some projects around the house. I really want to grow some tomatoes. I’m not a gardener at all and actually killed bamboo once , but I figure tomato plants must be pretty hearty. I also bought silk flowers and grapevines to make a door wreath. I’m want to get back in touch with my creative side. That is one of the many goals I have with this lifestyle change and something I can hope to accomplish, since I have all this extra time to spend not drinking and feeling miserable after.

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