Some say sleep is overrated and some people need more sleep than others. This girl needs at least a solid 7 hours or more. I love to sleep, love napping too.

Last night I was deprived, only got at most two hours, then had to get up and go to work. There is nothing worse than trying to get through the day with zero brain power. This has become a trend too, this year I’ve had this happen about four times already.

I think my sleep cycle has gone wacky again because of the three day weekend. I jam packed so much into the weekend and was up til 1am and sleeping in each day. I really enjoy being a night owl when I can. When I was a teenager and on summer break, I always remember I would be up until 2 am in the morning watching trashy TV shows like Silk Stalkings, then sleeping until noon and spending the rest of the afternoon outside in a lounge chair, reading Christopher Pike novels, while sipping diet coke and smoking the occasional cigarette- those were the days.

Anyway, I tried to go to bed at 8 pm last night because I was wiped out from the weekend activities. Well I slept an hour and then was up until 5 am. When finally I feel asleep, only to have the alarm blaring in my ear an hour later- fun times. Being sleep deprived, is a bit like being drunk, you feel completely disoriented and about to fall over. It’s hard to keep your thoughts straight too.

I know alcohol and sleep are not a good mix, alcohol robs you of solid REM sleep which is the most restful. When I was drinking every night, sure I’d fall asleep for about two hours and then I would wake up every hour after that, so I was having broken sleep. I still wake up one or twice, but the quality of sleep is better. I remember my dreams now too. When I drank, I swear I never dreamed. When I stopped, I had the craziest dreams ever. It’s evening out more now, but feel like my sleep cycle will always be a challenge.

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