I don’t know if my threshold for stress is at a low right now or what, but I am certainly not able to “Shake it Off” like a Taylor Swift song. Today was just insane at work, barely able to breath. Email is like a game of tennis- back and forth, back and forth all day long. And also let’s cc the world and be nasty, since we have computers between us and it’s not like we’re communicating with a real person. At 2pm I was ready to bolt, but decided to grab a twix bar for a much needed chocolate fix, before I killed someone.

Driving home tonight was a challenge, the traffic was slow and after my day, all I wanted to do was drink. I’m having a tough time right now because of the work stress. My knee jerk reaction would always be to drink, it’s how I unplugged. Now I’m trying to find my off switch.

I didn’t drink. Hubby came home and we went out with our daughter to buy some more plants. No hydrangeas, so we settled for an azalea. How weird is it that I’m enjoying gardening, that’s a first.
Came home, still restless, went to the craft store. Got a stepping stone kit for the flower garden and some beads. Thinking about making bracelets again. I just hate spending money and not doing it though. Sometimes my modus operandi is to get into all these projects that I never do anything with. I have an entire craft closet full of said projects!

Finally winding down and thankful it’s Friday. Some guilty pleasure tv and beer is on the menu tonight- root beer that is!

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