Had a couples date night tonight with hubby, his sister and her husband. We went to one of those paint and wine classes for a couples painting. We’ve gone before and I’ve really enjoyed them. Tonight was the first one sober. It was hard as hell. They changed the wines too and now have Sauvingnon Blanc, my favorite. SIL and BIL both got that, hubby and I had cokes. SIL was surprised I didn’t get wine, I had to say I needed caffeine or I’d fall asleep. If I wasn’t with hubby, whom I’m accountable too, I may have got wine and that frustrates me. I can’t understand why I can still want something that does nothing for me. There is no physical addiction left, everything is mental. I just want to get these cravings out of my head.

Anyway I got through and we all had fun. I’m happy with the painting. Mine if on the left, hubby the right

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