So what have a learned in my 60 days being alcohol free- A Lot!!
I feel pretty damn good, mentally and physically. Here are the positive changes just within my body and spirit

HEAD- Much clearer and more focused. Able to handle stress and anxiety without picking up a drink

HEART – Loving the time spent with my daughter and husband. More attentive and approachable. Humorous and positive.

BODY- Heartburn reduced, not popping 4 prilosec a day. Digestive system much improved. Sleep not as sporadic. I look rested and attractive.

SPIRIT- Increased creativity and lots of ideas. More spontaneity and open to new things. More assertive and my self confidence is back!

I am amazed at how I am not putting things off anymore. Right now we’re planning our daughters 5th birthday party. It will be her first one inviting school friends and she’s really looking forward to it. If drinking, I wouldn’t have yet booked the venue or done the invitations. I’d be scrambling and anxious because I put it off. I am planning now because I know how special this will be for her and I now know, it’s not all about me.

I was selfish and I didn’t realize it. I may have been present, but I wasn’t paying attention.
I was too wrapped up in my feelings and wanting a drink to “de-stress”. Alcohol doesn’t help stress or anxiety. It seems to be a cheap fix at the time, but it isn’t, because it costs your future. Well it was costing mine at least, which is why I decided to try not drinking for at least 30 days. Well 30 has turned into 60 and now I’m looking toward 90.

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