I lost a dear friend over 3 years ago. I still think of her all the time and talk to her in my head. She was a wonderful, vibrant woman with an infectious laugh. We met at my previous job, she had worked there for over 20 years. She was a bit of a mentor to me in the business sense and I learned so much from her. We became friends through the years and would often go out. We were wine buddies and sometimes that wasn’t a good thing. For a time, I was completely out of control, but then I got pregnant and I stopped the craziness and drinking. I had the baby, left my stressful job where we worked and started at a new place. I was on the right path, but she wasn’t. My friend endured hardship after hardship in her personal and business life and her drinking progressed because of it. She had always drank, but not to extremes. She was into fitness and health, but soon that declined.

During a night of drinking, she fell down her basement stairs onto the cement floor. She did survive, but severely damaged her head. She was in and out of the hospital. Her brain never fully healed, it was impossible for her to concentrate and drinking wasn’t making things better. She left her job, the plan was to get help, but it never happened. She passed away, alone in her home. It was and still is so heartbreaking how alcohol can take the life right out of someone. Drinking is never the answer, no matter how bad it gets. I know what this woman endured in her last months and it’s something you never want to experience.

I know she’s at peace now and I think of that. I love her, miss her and wish I could change things. But she tells me I couldn’t, she had the key to do that all along.

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