My beautiful, sweet boy has gone to the rainbow bridge today. I had to let him go. My sweet boy had liver failure and kidney and bladder stones. The only option was surgery and I would never put him through that.

He was a love and so full of life up to the end. My heart breaks to lose him and I’m still in shock. I am so used to him being everywhere at home.

I hope he is peaceful now and free of pain. I loved him so much, that I had to let him go. I’ve had many dogs in my life but he was special and my baby, now he’s my angel.


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge

  1. My heart absolutely breaks for you reading this. Our puppy died in his sleep two and a half years ago and I thought I’d never stop crying. Now after 2+ years with my chihuahua, I know I’ll feel so much worse when I have to let her go because I’m *SO* much more bonded. I can’t even imagine how much it must hurt after 13 years. Hugs.

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