Life doesn’t stop, it continues even if you want it to stop so you can get off the ride. I’m trying to move forward and some days are easier than others. Friday night I was craving alcohol. I wanted to just drink to stop thinking for awhile and being a holiday weekend makes things hard. Instead of booze I really binged on fast food, not a great idea but better than alcohol. Saturday was tough too, I kept crying and wanted time alone. I decided to go to a state park and go for a long walk. I love being in the woods and with nature. I brought some of my dogs ashes to scatter. I found a beautiful spot and let them go in the breeze. It brought some peace to my heart.
Sunday my husband, daughter and I headed up north. I booked a spur of the moment mini overnight vacation for us last week. I figured we needed a break from the house and it would be good to get away for the holiday. We did have a great time. Our hotel had a couple of indoor watersides and my daughter was thrilled, she loves everything about the water. Today we went to an amusement park geared for younger kids, like 12 and under. The park was great, it wasn’t crazy and we had no problem getting on rides or waiting. I loved going on the kiddie rides. My daughter had a blast, seeing her so happy makes me happy. I’m glad we got away as a family.
Tonight I’m feeling down but trying to move forward the best I can. I can’t turn off my grief like a light switch, but I can learn to have fun and live more in the moment

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