It is hot as hell in my world. It’s hitting the mid nineties again. I always prefer the heat to the cold but it’s been a scorcha around here!! We ended up heading to y pool to cool off, it’s $20 for a day pass but completely worth it.  I love the beach too, but at 2pm in the afternoon, this was so much easier than heading to the beach, which is 45 minutes away without traffic.

The last couple days I’ve been craving alcohol.  My husband thinks it’s the heat. I’ve been making lots of mocktails.  Lemon line ice, cranberry and a lime is delicious. I’ve been painting all weekend, been having my own paint and mocktail party.  I did 4 painting, can’t believe it.  They’re not fine art, but I’m pleased with most of them, 3 of the 4 I’ll hang up.  I love that I’m actually painting now, wouldn’t do this if I was still drinking.  Going too fight through the cravings.

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