Not looking forward to this week at work. I have a one day whirlwind meeting that I am dreading on Wednesday. I have a 9 am flight down south for a 1:00 meeting and then a 7:00 flight home. I doubt I’ll make it to my house before 11. I am so not looking forward to this. I’m flying into a city I’ve never drove in and I’m a wreck. I hate driving in crazy traffic and it’s even worse in a rental car, in a city I’ve never been to, ugghhh. I’m also traveling with someone who is difficult. Sometimes she seems OK, but most of the time she’s abrasive, no holds bar and I have no idea how to take her, in fact, I’m pretty sure she dislikes me so this will be a fun trip.

There’s also a new person handling one of our supplier accounts and he stinks. I worked with the other person for 3 years age it was great, never any problems. This person has been late on getting info out and now he’s not even responding to me. I’m always nice too, I don’t believe in yelling or being nasty because you have to work with people and everyone depends on others for help. It’s important to build relationships. So tomorrow I’ll have to call him and figure this out. I probably hate talking on the phone more than anything, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes.

I’m getting bored of my job, not sure where else I can go within the company, but I don’t want to find another job. I’m comfortable but bored, comfortably bored.

One thought on “Work crap

  1. You have a clear picture. Trust yourself and your instincts. Ask the Universe for a “reprieve” of some sort…ask and then look, expect it…and it will come! God speed! Let us know how it goes! (((Hugs))))

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