Wow, what a weekend, completely jam packed with events. Was busy going from one thing to the next, to events I really didnt want to do but I sucked it up- hence the people pleasing. Sometimes you have to grin and bear it and it wasn’t a bad weekend, just a little to full.

Friday I took a personal day because my friend is visiting from overseas. We went to the beach. Imagine three kids age 5, 3 and 1. It was quite a bit of coordination, but we did it. There were a couple of bathroom mishaps though involving #1 and #2 and both in public. I would have died if it was my kid, but my friend to it in stride. We when managed to grab lobster rolls, my first of the season and it was fantastic.

Saturday I wanted to go back to the beach with hubby and daughter, but we went to a family cookout. My daughter had a blast though, her cousin was there and two more girls. There were on a slip and slide thing all day. My kid love the water, she’s like half fish.

Sunday hubby and daughter went to swim class. I stayed home for chores and later in the afternoon we went to a baseball game with my dad for his birthday and more family. My daughter did great. She loves sports but would rather play them then watch. After the game, we were off to another birthday party. My friends son who is turning three. There was a pool there so more swimming for my daughter. It was a family party, but my friend really wanted us to be there, so we went.

It’s been a long three days. I haven’t drank and there has been alcohol at every event. There was thoughts of slipping, but its not worth it. I know I hit the five month mark on the 4th but I’m not really counting the days anymore, but I still try to get through each one.


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