I caved in and had an O’douls at the paint nite. I felt like such a tool ordering it while everyone had their alcoholic beverages. It was actually quite good and I swear it gave me a buzz or else it was all in my head. It is a non alcoholic beer with .5% alcohol, how could I possibly feel giddy after one. I really struggled in not getting a real drink tonight. I hope to god this O’douls does not reset my non drinking clock, it may have a miniscule amount of alcohol but I’m not counting it.

6 thoughts on “Non alcoholic beer

  1. I went my first couple of months not touching any non alcoholic beer as I was worried it would be a trigger for me. I do drink Becks Blue now on occasion and is has less than 0.05% same as OJ. It doesn’t trigger me at all and it does help in social situations as it feels like I’m joining in a bit but with out any of the bad side affects. X

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  2. I had two NA beers in a pub the other night. 0.5% first time I’d had them in a pub. First one I wanted, was lovely. Second, just cause my friend was getting another beer. On the way home I wondered why I’d had two. Expensive and didn’t really want it. Woke up a little groggy and sad the next day and thought ‘omg, maybe it was the 0.5%!’ Then got a little more rational and thought – it might be cause I’m tired, its first thing in the morning and my eyes aren’t working properly at the moment!
    When I go out I generally have a one drink rule, (aside from water obv) cause I like not spending and most drinks are full of sugar or artificial sweetners. Funny how the alcoholic brain crept in on NA beer!!


  3. In the book Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a chapter written by a Dr. Silkworth. He writes about a physical allergy unique to the alcoholic. The physical allergy to alcohol creates a craving and a mental obsession. Even the smallest amount of alcohol will trigger it. This is why an alcoholic like me has to abstain from even O’Douls and other non-alcoholic beer. It’s that small percent of alcohol that is enough to affect the physical allergy and recreate the craving over time……


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