I am a freaking carb addict and I love food. For the past few days I’ve been trying to monitor my carb intake by having more than 100 grams a day.  It is so damn hard and I keep failing. I’m also trying to up my protein to 100 grams a day and having a hard time with that.

After not drinking alcohol for 6 months I figured weight would fall right off me and it hasn’t.  I am so discouraged.  I know I have to really start cutting these carbs.  It’s not like I eat a lot of pasta or bread but somehow I can’t seem to lower things.  

I’ve been counting my calories in Lose it and I seem to be 5~600 over daily.  My target should be 1400 and I’m having 1900~2000, i know it’s too much but it’s really not that much food and it’s pretty healthy, eggs, salad, chicke, fruit, carrots. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong.

5 thoughts on “Carb Addict

  1. What are your thoughts on fat? I try to keep carbs moderate (particularly sugar) and I’ve found that upping my fat content is a way to stay satisfied for longer. I eat lots of coconut oil, ghee, avocado and olive oils and they make food taste great 😀

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  2. I like the carbs too. Are you able to get into a regular workout regimen? (Or are you already in one?) Until I quit drinking, I wasn’t seeing any change in size (sometimes weight loss doesn’t equate to losing inches, due to muscle mass), even though I was getting stronger. I don’t really monitor my carbs, and I love dessert, but I found that 3-4 hard workouts/week helped me lose some inches, after I stopped drinking. I prefer workouts like Orange Theory, which mix weight training with cardio, and you burn for the next 48 hours. Barre class or pilates for strength is also fun, but make sure you’re doing cardio burn too, or you won’t see weight loss. I also try to incorporate healthy food into my diet, even though I also enjoy the occasional bowl of ice cream, and [daily] bread. If you can find that common ground, and fit the exercise in, it will help tremendously. I don’t know about you, but when I eat out, since I’m not drinking, I always want to treat myself to the dessert menu and a decaf coffee! It’s something to look forward to that takes my mind off of the non-existent glass of wine. Sugar is tricky. I’m still trying to master it myself. One thing I also try to do, is not eat carbs after 7pm when I’m at home. Then I’m not metabolizing them slowly in your sleep. But ditching the booze, and working out regularly, will make a difference in your weight/size. Keep on keeping on! We can master this!

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