Getting ready for my daughter’s first day of kindergarten tomorrow after a mini vacation. We went up to the north shore beaches. They were beautiful but the weather was cool. The water was cold, we barely made it up to our thighs, even my daughter who’s like a fish, was too cold to swim. We climbed some rocks on the beach and collected shells. We made up for the cold beach by swimming in the hotel pool, also cool, but the hot tub was perfect. It was a wonderful, much needed vacation.

I am excited yet nervous about tomorrow. I feel like she was just a baby, I don’t know where the time has gone. She will be doing full day kindergarten, we switched her at the last minute from half day and now have a tuition, but it’s worth it. I want her to become used to the school and the environment. She’ll be taking the bus too, which completely unnerves me, but she’ll be getting on at the daycare which she’ll be at for before and after school.

I can’t believe it’s almost fall, it’s been a jam packed summer but it was great. We did so many things and I know they wouldn’t have happened if I kept drinking. I hit the 6th month mark on the 4th. Some days it’s tough and I’d love a glass of wine, but it’d likely be a bottle. The progress I’ve made is not with risking it. I’m a better me without alcohol and I don’t miss out on anything anymore.

Phase two of self improvement is better nutrition and more exercise. I was doing well but for derailed these last 4 days on vacation. Tomorrow I restart the plan.





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