Last night hubby and I had a date night at the paint and wine place we like. Poor guy, he was the only male there. It was a strange crowd, the teacher was very eccentric and the painting a little more challenging than most. Anyway as it was winding down and we were about to leave I went to use the restroom. While sitting in the stall a woman came in and started coughing a lot. I thought she was initially choking at first but soon realized she was vomiting multiple times and in the sink! I was repulsed and horrified. I didn’t know what to do so I stayed in the stall. This went on for about 5 minutes and finally she left. I could smell the stench of wine and vomit when I left the stall.

This whole incident made me feel a mixture of emotions, disgust, pity, shock. Then I felt glad it wasn’t me and then I felt wrong for thinking that. I don’t know this woman or her circumstances, I am no better than her even though I’m sober. It could have been me another time, another place. I need to be humble and kind. I hope she gets help if she needs it because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to feel like that.

One thought on “Be humble

  1. Ah I dont miss having so much wine im sick. That could have been me in the past. I completely understand you feeling glad that it was not you. Be proud that you have worked hard and are a better you now. I think it is moments like that you realise your sobriety is best x

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