I’m either falling apart or getting hold.   Life is a pain in the ass right now,  literally and also my back hip and leg.   I thought this had to do with my bunion and my gait being off but foot doc says now.   So after another appointment for my hip,  because they don’t want to look at the back in the same applies (go figure),  I likely have hip bursitis and will be getting  PT.   But my back,  but and leg pain has yet to go away so I have an appt with my primary care tomorrow.   I really hope we can figure this out because it sucks.   My daily walks helped with Streisand made me feel better but now it’s too painful to walk for any length of time.   I am so frustrated.

In other news,  yesterday was 7 months alcohol free.   I still find it hard to believe.   In filling out the paperwork at the doctors yesterday, I didn’t have to lie about my alcohol use,  I just checked “No” under “Do you drink?”

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