I am not a mind reader and I have enough going own with keeping track of my own shit, I cannot be a babysitter, especially in a work setting.  I will do this if needed but only eally to cover my ass… I care about my job, but other people need to take action and be accountable. Anyway here’s a good one.  A customer emailed me to check the status of a project.  I told him I was waiting for his feedback and sent something to him Sept 9th, I also attached the email.  His response is that he missed it and in the future if I don’t receive a timely response, I am to send him a reminder. For sure buddy, why don’t I do your job for you?

One thought on “Send me a reminder

  1. Ugh, that sounds annoying. I feel like I’ve been “babysitting” colleagues and classmates over the past few weeks. It’s kinda frustrating! On the one hand, I like how I’ve been more proactive about getting stuff done; on the other, can’t people just be on top of their game, too? Bleh!

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