I was taking to my dad yesterday and happened to mention I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol since March.   He was shocked and even said “really?” in disbelief.  I had told him the reason I  decided to stop, but he must have figured I crept back to it.   He even mention how he knows I like to drink,  geez really dad?  He knows I’m really stressed and even wondered if I could go out to dinner with my husband and have a glass of wine.   Part of me thought sure he’s giving me permission to drink.  I  explained that if I  did then I would have no problem buying wine and having maybe a glass a night,  which would eventually turn back to 3 and I’d be back to square one.

My father has drank daily for years,  but he doesn’t have an alcohol problem.  He has one beer a night,  maybe two once in awhile, his problem is really food.   He will snack constantly and then eat meals.   I  love food too,  so I have to be careful with that too.

My father said he didn’t think I was an alcoholic and honestly I hate labels.   I was dependent on alcohol in order to deal with life.   I now know I have to deal with stress and aggravation in better ways.   I’ve been exercising a lot,  not seeing huge results yet,  but I feel good about myself.

I don’t know if I’ll ever drink again, I just try to get through each day. I know it’s the standard cliche, but it works.

One thought on “Conversation about drinking

  1. Urgh. I hate those conversations. My doctor even seemed to be trying to imply I could have a drink even though he was the one who sent me years ago to get an MRI because of drinking related nervous system issues?! Urgh.
    It’s just such a hard concept to understand, and with family and close friends the acceptance for them to accept that you have a problem and they didn’t do anything or see it? But stand strong. In time they will SEE how much better you are – you will just shrug off all the ‘why not have one’ questions!

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