The week is winding down and soon Christmas will be here.  The last couple of days at work should go smoothly, we have a company luncheon tomorrow and Friday the boss will bring our department out for lunch.  

Friday I will be bringing in gifts for my co workers.  As always, I am completely perplexed on what to give these people.  I spend 40+ hours a week with them and they’re like my other family.  It’s sad I don’t have any more creativity this year then too give them banana bread and chocolate.  For my boss I am buying a bottle of wine, for her not me.  Perhaps I am testing myself with walking into a liquor store and purchasing it.  It’s funny how a liquor store to me is like a candy store to a kid.  Anyway, I don’t plan on slipping or buying anything for me.  I’m committed to make it a year sober. This makes me think it’s funny how booze is such a coveted Christmas gift.  I’ve been to Yankee swaps in the past where the bottle of vodka had passed through 1o peoples’ hands.

This is essentially my first Christmas without alcohol or at least going this length of time without drinking.  Two days ago was the night I met my husband for the first time at a Christmas party 10 years ago. I remember at that time I was trying to drink less and really monitor my alcohol intake.  I didn’t drink that night at the party.  If I was drinking I wonder how I would have reacted to my husband when he came up and talked to me.  I likely would have blown him off and not paid attention.  Instead we had a good conversation and he got my number.

It’s interesting to see how long I’ve struggled with the attempted sobriety and cutting down.  I’m 38 and started really questioning my drinking around 26, so 12 years imagine that.  I’m just thankful I never stopped trying.

7 thoughts on “Gift giving and reflection

  1. Hey W. I’m 38, married ten years and also started to get a bit worried about my drinking around 26.. I’m your UK sober twin! I think you are very kind and generous to be thinking of your colleagues at this busy time and personally would be over the moon with banana bread. It’s your choice whether you buy the wine – don’t put yourself in any situations that make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable though, you sobriety is far more valuable than political correctness. xx

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  2. Oh my word that is uncanny! I’m also 38:) Also started really truly questioning my drinking around 27 ish. I agree banana bread is a lovely gift! These days I give the wine isle and liquore stores (off licences in the UK) a wide berth. Its too much for my brain to handle at this point. xxx

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