I was really looking forward to a long weekend but have come down with the first winter’s cold.  My NYE has consisted of chicken soup, tea and honey and lots of tv.  I have been binge watching HGTV all day, my dream is now to flip houses for a living.

So it’s that time again, when everyone reflects on the past year and makes resolutions for the new year… so here goes my prerequisite rambling…. I said 2016 would be the year I would quit drinking and start exercising, well I am happy to say I actually fulfilled that goal.  I will keep this momentum going in 2017 and hopefully shed some pounds too.  

My goal for 2017 is continued self improvement.  Now that I am not trying to escape or blot out my emotions with alcohol, I have to find a better way to deal with them.  I want to improve my self confidence and people skills.  I struggle with criticism and confrontation.  I know I can’t avoid it, so I need to work at it.  I have to realize I’m not being attacked and stop being defensive. It’s the hardest thing I struggle with.  There are people at my job and customers I deal with that I’d love to tell to sod off (really would use the F word here, but trying to be polite). I know I can’t do that, so I will be looking for better ways to problem solve and deal with stressful situations.

I want to expand my creativity too.  I have a closet overflowing with art supplies that are just waiting too be used.  I have to fit in some me time to do that.

2016 had some bad points but good things that came out of them.  I miss my dog the most, in December it was 6 months since I put him down.  I think of him all the time.  He was like my soul dog if soul mates in dog form exist.  I believe he’s watching over us and is always close.  I know he’s wishing us a wonderful 2017.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Chicken soups and tea sounds like my kind of evening! Happy new year to you! Perhaps using your creativity will make you less sensitive to critisism. I know it helps me when I feel good about myself and feel fulfilled I’m less likely to fly off the handle so to speak. xxxx

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