Feel like I’m in a rut but still moving forward.  I think I’m extremely burnt out with my job and feel zero passion for it.  Getting another job would likely be less money and could be more responsibility, so I’m staying for now, but not really happy.

My husband was laid off the end of November and started a new job last week.  He’s not sure how he feels about out but will commit for a few months before he starts looking, this is another reason I’m staying with my job.

Trying to be positive even though I’m feeling down, because of this I don’t write much, no one really wants to hear negativity or Debbie downers.

On a good note, we’re adopting a dog from a local shelter.  We are so excited, she’s a beautiful American Eskimo about a year and a half old.  We pick her up Saturday.

The 4th was 11 months sober, so my year anniversary is next month.  It’s a big moment for me so I want to do something special.

Sitting at home now while the snow falls, supposed to get a foot.  It’s nice to have a day out of the office.

One thought on “Moving along

  1. Congrats to your husband on his new job, and to YOU ON ALMOST A YEAR SOBER WOWWWIEEEE!!! Oh and also how exciting about your new dog 🙂
    Please don’t stay away just because you’re having a rough time or feeling down. Sometimes it helps to write it out and find out that others are going through a hard time too. ❤

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