I am so beyond stressed I don’t know what to do.  Last night I was so hyped up and couldn’t calm down, deep breaths wouldn’t even help.  Then I woke up at 1 am and was up the rest of the night. Today I almost had a full on panic attack. My heart was hurting and I was ready to cry and scream.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

It’s been a tough week.  My daughter is sick and has been out of school since Monday, today we found out she had strep and from the way my husband and I feel, we probably do too.  Trying to find solutions for who watches your child when they’re sick is a nightmare.  I was lucky my in laws could for a day, but I took a sick day and ill work from home 2 days.  It does not go over well at work and there’s nothing I can do.  My husband has been at his job barely two weeks so he has to go in and he’s really ill now too.

I just feel so burnt out and at my wits end. I have too many projects at work and everyone is demanding and a lot of customers are bullies.  There is one who scares me, she is so mean and rude I will do anything to not talk to her. She knows she has this affect on me too.  It is so embarrassing to actually fear every possible interaction with this woman but I do and then I feel helpless.  God, i sound like such a wuss, I’m just at my breaking point.  I don’t know how much more stess I can take before I explode or curl up in a ball with a white flag.

7 thoughts on “Beyond Stressed

  1. Oh no, that sounds like a horrible combination of things, I’m not surprised you’re burnt out and run down. I completely understand about that nasty customer, I’m the same, I just can’t handle people being nasty to me. I’ve had jobs where I’ve wondered how some people could ever sleep at night they’ve been so foul in their sentiments and behaviour. Employers can be so difficult when dealing with sickness, mine’s the same. It sounds like you need to take time to recover though. I hope you feel better asap, you’ll come through the other side of it – no matter how shit things feel, they always pass. Hugs x


  2. I really hope you can get some respite and relief from this overwhelm. Try to prioritise and just breathe through it. Nothing is worth drinking over. Having everyone ill is just bad and tiring, try to remember that ‘this too shall pass’
    Sending you good energy.


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