I just realized today is 4 years smoke free.  I basically never think of cigarettes and just realized oh yeah that’s right i quit on St. Paddy’s Day, so there I found something to smile about today.

6 thoughts on “My other anniversary

  1. That’s amazing well done! 4 years is great. What method did you use?
    I quit earlier this year. I quit before I had my daughter and didn’t smoke for 7 years. Picked it up again and it was really tricky to quit this time. I’m still romanticising it when I think of my holiday in south africa at the end of the year I’m picturing me (not drinking) but smoking. It’s like a deprivation mindset, you know where you say well, everyone’s going to be drinking, I’ll smoke so that I don’t feel so conspicuous and at least I’m doing ‘something’. It’s so silly but these thoughts keep popping up.

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  2. Congrats! That’s awesome. I have about two months. So it’s really helpful to hear about multiple years without it. I had to write my way through that first month. Was pretty rough. A bit better now.


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