I slept for 3 days and then last night, the dreaded Sunday night I was up again all night.  I started to doze around 5:30.  I couldn’t go in on about an hour sleep so I took a vacation day and for 3 hours slept. When I woke up I made an appt with my PCP.  I met with her and she believes it’s all stress and is confused why the person who prescribes my meds hasn’t given me anything.  I broke down and starting crying because I can’t live like this anymore.  This sleep deprivation is taking everything out of me.  I can’t go into work on two hours sleep day after day and function.  I shouldn’t even be driving a car.  So the doctor gave me a weeks supply of ambien and told me to take 2 days off.  I hope this helps, I don’t know what to do is it doesn’t.  I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown and I don’t know why.  I don’t want to lose my job either from being out.  I just want to be back to myself again.


3 thoughts on “And again…..

  1. Aww sweetie, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Kind of a weird question, but has your dr checked your thyroid? Hyperthyroid can cause insomnia and sometimes it’s something that is overlooked or not thought of because there can be no other big symptoms of it (maybe change in appetite, or fatigue or irratibility, which can all be thought to be caused by insomnia). Good luck xo


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