Sitting in an airport right now, one of my least favorite places to be.  I just want to be home.  My flights delayed 2 hours so there will be a lot more sitting.

I’m feeling a bit emotional.  My visit has ended with my mom and I will miss her.  I spoke to my husband a short time ago and he told me my father sold his condo so they will be moving to Florida in September.  I will now have 2 parents airplane rides away from me who both moved because of there spouses because they hate the winter.  I’m hurt and feel slightly abandoned.  Are my daughter and I not good enough to stick around for?  My husbands family are all that’s left because I’m not close with my dad’s side and my grandparents are gone.  I’m sad by this, is that normal?  Maybe I’m being dramatic but it sucks to have your parents move away, especially when I know their spouses pushed for it.

My mom keeps pushing us to move.  Yes the south east is nice and the weather is warmer but it doesn’t feel like home.  I love the summer and the fall.  I love our trees and beaches.  Yes, I loathe the winter and the snow but hurricanes and alligators aren’t fun either.  I feel very stuck.  The cost of living in the northeast is so high but it’s beautiful.

On other topics, I think I’ve realized I’m not going to have another child.  Having more children doesn’t make you more of a parent or a better parent.  I’m a great parent with one and I want to be able to have enough money to support us and do things.  I also want to have time with her. So for now, I’m ok with the decision, we’ll see if things change.


2 thoughts on “Killing time and thinking

  1. I live far from my family, and it’s hard. Some live in a neighboring state, but it’s still a long drive, and they never come to visit.
    If you are close to your mom, it would be hard to have her move away.
    It’s an adjustment, and you will feel a loss.
    That’s normal.

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