I’ve decided to make a radical change to my diet that I was never planning to make. I realize that makes absolutely no sense, but it’s true.  While I was on vacation my mother gave me a book called Skinny Bitches.  The back cover seemed to speak of just diet and exercise, but the inside of the book was another story.  The book premoted a vegan lifestyle and the reasons why someone should follow a plant based diet.  This is something I would really never consider, but as I read on I was horrified about the treatment of animals, factory farming and what this is doing to our health and environment.  I then decided to do more research and watched an excellent documentary called Cowspiracy, which really opened my eyes.

After finding out this info, I decided to stop eating most meats.  I am still eating seafood, dairy and eggs, so I’m not even vegetarian, but I’m doing the best I can right now.  I’ve told people about my change and they’re shocked, I really am too.  Meat is just everywhere and people love it.  I haven’t ate it for two weeks and I’m just starting to see how often people talk about beef, chicken and pork.  It’s exactly like when I stopped drinking.  

Let me tell you this is hard, like not drinking alcohol hard.  I go to the grocery store and I’m overwhelmed, that meat case extends the length of the store.  The tofu section is like a refrigerator length.  Not knowing what the hec I’m eating for my next meal is stressful too.  

I’m doing this because I feel it is the right thing to do, for me.  I love meat, it tastes wonderful but the way we’re “farming” now is ass backwards and it’s those asses that are destroying the environment, not to mention the animals have an awful life and death.  I never thought of any of this before, I just didn’t think about my daily meals as coming from an animal because I’m used to it, I’ve never had to hunt.  My meat comes from Wal-mart.  I’ve joked in the past that I’d die if I ever had to kill for food.

I’ve realized it’s time for a change, so here goes it…. just taking it one day at a time


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