I’m not going to lie and pretend it’s all unicorns and rainbows (my kid watches a lot of My Little Pony), some times I really wanna drink. I craved some Sauvingnon Blanc tonight. I find myself just sighing and tense. I’d love to zone out with a glass or two.

Nothing really bad happened today just trying to de-stress. I did have a scare of a lifetime earlier while walking the dog, I must have shaved about 5 years off my life. My dog is rather excitable and she has issues with strangers and other dogs, basically she barks like crazy, lunges and pulls. She’s not a big dog either but has a very loud pitched bark, she’s an American Eskimo Dog. Anyway I was walking her tonight in the dark which is much easier because we run into less people. A neighbor opened their door and their dog flew out and came running for us. I have no idea if the dog is aggressive or friendly but I can’t trust my dog won’t go ballistic because it is what she does and this was no poodle that came at us. I said stop twice very loud and firm and turned slowly to the side. The dog stopped and I left as quickly as possible. My dog didn’t completely lose her mind, but I was so scared, neither of us would win in that fight.

After that I went to do some shopping therapy. Of course the Wines & More is in the same plaza. I thought about it, going in and getting something. Almost two years later I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Somewhere in the back of my head I don’t think I’ve accepted drinking is not an option, otherwise would I still have these thoughts??


3 thoughts on “Some nights I really want to drink.

  1. We had a dog come out of a car and attack our dog who was on a leash. So scary! Our dog got bit by his eye!
    After reading many sober blogs, I think it is not uncommon to have an occasional thought of drinking, even after years.
    But I do know the thoughts are way less often and way less strong.
    I always think through the bottle… it always stops me.

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    1. Oh no, that is so scary. I hope your dog is ok.
      I think today is just one of those days where it sneaks up on you. Tomorrow I may not even think of drinking, it’s true the drinking thoughts are less as time passes.


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