I have complete Spring Fever, I need palm trees and a beach now. It has been a loong winter, not the snowiest but I’m ready for a change of season. Two days ago we had a teaser, it was up to 65 degrees. That’s New England weather for you- snow, sun, rain, hot and cold all in the same week.

I’ve been wanting to go away for awhile now. The original plan was to go to Bermuda in June, sort of like a second honeymoon turning 40 thing. Well I waited to long and it would cost an extra grand plus I don’t think I can wait to June, I want escape now! Unfortunately it would be too cold to go to Bermuda in April, it needs to be about 85 for me to swim, 65/70 is too cold.

My daughter has been talking about Disney a lot (her friends are starting to go there on vacation) and hubby loves Disney. Me, not so much, but is warm and I could swim so that’s a plus. Also the likely time to go is April vacation, of course that’s when everyone else will go too. I loathe crowds too and waiting. I am probably nuts to think about making this trip. I figure it will cost quite a bit too, likely 5K including food, park tickets and the fact that we’d have to board our dog. The thought of spending all that money kills me especially when we could put it to improvements on the house. I just feel this need for a real vacation though away from the house. Everyone needs to recharge now and then.

6 thoughts on “I need a vacation

  1. I live in sunny South Florida. I recommend looking at a rental in the Keys. The weather is always beautiful and you’re close to nature, swimming and lots of fun things to do for both adults and children. Many of the rentals include waterfront properties and swimming pools. It also be ours from Disney should you decide to do that craziness during spring break. LOL! PS: The upper keys like key Largo tend to be cheaper than further south like Key West. Food for thought! Whatever you decide, enjoy!

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