730 days= two years since I stopped drinking. I can’t believe it’s been this long. I am proud of myself. Hubby has gone the same amount of time. He doesn’t have any problems with drinking but stopped to support me.

In other news we were hit with a nor’easter. No snow but tons of rain and 60 mph winds. There was a lot of damage and multiple power outages. Our power has been out since Friday, they say it will come back on Tuesday. My neighbors house was split in two from a tree. She was hurt but not fatally. It is so scary. We bought a kerosene heater so we’re managing, it was a great investment. They don’t sell them in our state so we had to go to RI to buy one.

We did book a trip to Florida in May. We’ll be there for 5 days and we’re taking our daughter out of school. My mom and step dad live about 5 hours away so they’re coming to meet us there. I am so looking forward to our trip.

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