We’re getting a crap load of snow again, third time in two weeks. Oh I am so ready for vacation in 2 months. Tonight/ tomorrow could dump about 18 inches of snow. I am hoping we do not lose power. We lost it for four days and then two days later another half day. I know there are much worse things to worry and complain about. I am in a winter slump, thank God spring is days away. I’m not going to lie, I would love to drink myself into a coma tonight because I will likely be working from home tomorrow. Of course I would wind up feeling horrible the next day but I am craving tonight. Part of me thinks now that I’ve gone two years, I can have a drink now because I’ve proven I could quit for a long time. I realize this is very dangerous thinking. Like the blizzard coming I have to ride out this storm.

7 thoughts on “Snow storm

  1. Hug
    Our snow is melting, but I expect winters not done yet. Sigh
    You can do this. Think about your last day 1. Do you want to be back there?
    Go to bed. Read a book. Take a break!
    I hope your power stays on!

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  2. You’ve got this! All having a drink (followed by black-out and lots of shit you don’t want) would achieve is you’d feel less happy about things you’re happy about and more down about shit you may feel down about. There is not a single thing that it’d do that’d be positive, not even the tiniest eeny-weeny benefit. But you know this. And you’ve got this. You’re doing great! Sophie x

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