It’s my favorite time of year. I love the warmth and extra daylight hours. It’s pretty homeostasis is my world. We had a great vacation to Disney in May and have a mini vacay planned before labor day. My daughter’s done at school and in camp. The days slip by so fast, I have to stop myself to take a moment and enjoy.

I’m still sober. Somedays alcohol is the furthest thing from my mind, other days I romanticize it. I don’t have a formal program, I just do my thing. Getting outside and keeping busy helps. My favorite thing is woods walks with the dog. Attached is one of our recent adventures. I tried to get her but she was too busy nibbling on grass which she does constantly, grass leaves, ferns.

Anyway Happy Summer!@

4 thoughts on “First days of summer

  1. Getting out and moving is awesome – my long, brisk walks are my meditation! Good for you. I’m not strictly following a program either, I guess I’m just taking the bits here and there that work for me. Did the three first steps back in February but increasingly keen to complete the remaining nine now, think I needed to land in my sobriety a little first and get my head around the stuff in AA that grated on me. Annoyingly almost, I’m discovering that the 12 steps may just be…. …….CRUCIAL! Gah! Either way though, I think whatever you do and however you do it, be it a program or a strict cupcakes only diet, so long as it works for you it’s bloody marvellous! Yay you for staying sober! Big hugs, Anna x

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