If I was still drinking I’d be well on my way to annihilation right now. What a whopper of a week. I still don’t have a great way of dealing with stress and anxiety. I must admit the thought of getting drunk right now is very pleasant. I just want to escape all this adrenalin running through my system. A customer, well a group of them lost their mind on me during a conference call. The crazy thing is I have only been trying to help them and they view me as a road block. They then threatened to take business away from our company and demanded someone (me) jump on a plane to see them in Mexico. It is ridiculous and over the top. I cannot stand bullies. I don’t know why people have to be so rude and assholes when they create their own problems but have to point blame elsewhere. So here I am trying not to explode. Thank god it’s Friday.

3 thoughts on “Stress and not drinking

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