I’m not feeling very merry, super stressed and overwhelmed. I was so ahead of the game in early November with the majority of gifts done but chaos ensued this week with running around getting gifts for all my co workers. I honestly feel it’s pointless. Do they need more slippers, body lotion, chocolates, coffee or candles? It is the same stuff each year. I’m not trying to be a scrooge but the whole thing is too much for one day. So I’m done with Christmas as of the moment, I just want to relax. I know I’ll be in better spirits next week, I just need a break.

Work is insane again. I wish I had more time off after the holiday. I took the 26th and 31st. My mother and step dad will be staying with us so trying to do some serious cleaning.

Still sober, really wanted to have some wine tonight. I was very close to walking in the liquor store with the excuse to buy something for a co worker. I realized it was an excuse and went elsewhere. Some days are harder than others. Often food becomes too much of a comfort. I find myself reaching for chocolate and as of late cookies and lots of them. This coming year I want to focus on more lifestyle changes particularly with nutrition and exercise.

Happy holidays all!


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