The chaos is over and we survived. It was a good Christmas. My mom and step dad stayed with us for 4 days and we hosted for Christmas. It was a bit stressful and I’m not sure they had the best time. They didn’t rent a car so came with us to my in-laws on Christmas eve. We go there every year and are usually there about 7 hours. It’s long, loud and a lot of people. I think they were bored and wanted to escape. Our pace overwhelms them. It’s hard for them to keep up with my daughter. She’s seven and a half and full of energy, she never stops. They left early this morning.

I am so happy to have the house back. I’m just relaxing having a coffee, no need to run around making breakfasts and cleaning up. My daughter is on her tablet, hubby is at work and the dog is snoozing. I love the peace and quiet.

It was a good Christmas, my daughter had a wonderful time. I love seeing the magic of Christmas through her eyes.

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