2018 was really a good year. I got outside my comfort zone and took two classes- sewing and pottery, which helped revamp my creativity. I have another pottery class starting in a couple weeks and I’m still sewing.

My goal this year is to keep up with the creative outlets and push to make healthier choices. Diet and exercise need to become a focus. When I stopped drinking I thought the weight would fall off me- well it didn’t. I often reach for crunchy and sugary snacks. I was never into chocolate when I was drinking. So at my current weight- 175 on a good day, I’ve decided it’s really time to make a change.

I started the south beach diet today. I know, low carb craziness!! I’ve done low carb and it’s not sustainable, but this should help detox from sugar. In a couple weeks to a month, I will slowly add in grains. I forgot how hard this is. I think most of it is in my head though- I’m not really hungry, just craving.

So my blog posts may be about diet for awhile. I won’t say what I’m eating for every meal, but need to be accountable. The blogging was helpful putting with down the drink, here’s to putting down the cake, cookies, crackers and chips.

4 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Awesome! I got into doing crafts a couple years back, it’s one of the most fun, rewarding endeavors when I have a fun project to work on that lets me work with my hands and create something tangible. 🙂

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