It’s already past the 4th which means the rest of the summer will fly, but really we have about 7 more weeks before back to school (not that I’m off of course).

We took a mini vacay to NH for the 4th. I love NH in the summer, not a fan of the snow. We stayed at a nice family resort. They had two pools, a mini putt and free breakfast, what else can you ask for? We took the prerequisite trip to amusement parks. My daughter loved it and I’m not afraid on kiddie coasters so everyone’s happy.

No beach yet, hopefully in the future. We should be getting to my in laws pool this weekend but I may not be swimming. The past month has been rough with womens issues possibly urinary problems which is just a blast. It all started with a playground accident (not kidding). I jumped up and hit my nether parts on a hard bar resulting in a hematoma on nether part. Explaining it doesn’t even seem believable. Said nether part swelled 4x it’s size resulting in ER trip- slice and squeeze. Oh the pain, up there with child birth! Since then have been on antibiotics for infections and have had allergic reactions to 3 of the 5 (super scary with shortness of breath, coughing and tight chest). With this still going on my labs say I have no infection but I go to the bathroom 20x a day (keeping a log now). This sucks and I’ll probably have to see a urologist. I am so sick of going to the doctors I’ve already made about 6 trips and this is still not resolved. I know quite a bit of TMI but I have limited options to vent.. so anyway yeah, nervous about swimming and further irritation.

We have a week trip in August and I’m looking forward to that. We’re renting a cottage in the Cape within walking distance to the beach. I love the beach, not really swimmimg but diving in the waves and floating around. This beach probably doesn’t have big waves because it’s in the bay, but it will still be nice. The wavy beaches tend to get sharks and I’m all set with that.

In my weight loss journey I did lose about 20 lbs. I haven’t been to the gym because of the lady issues but want to get back there soon. I still walk at lunch about 1.5 miles a day. In my opinion it’s not enough but every bit counts.Goal is another 10 to 15 pounds.

Sobriety status- still not drinking. Tried to cut down on sweeteners and coke zero with no success. Coke zero is my wine now. Soda is so bad for you, but I love the bubbly effervescent and fake sugar sweetness. I try to limit 1 a day 2 max and I don’t feel the need to hide them around the house or keep a secret stash so that’s progress.

4 thoughts on “Summer thus far…

  1. omg. this is terrible about the injury… I had no idea. just brutal!!! glad you got away, salt water is so healing… but major congrats!!!! on the 20 lbs lost!!! that is major. I think walking 1.5km is plenty, and the best form of exercise IMHO… it’s more the calories going in that make the difference, as well you must know. btw, coincidence, someone named “Life With Lisa” (@lifewithlisa9) just liked my latest post, and she is doing weight watchers… thought I’d mention it, if you’re looking for weight loss inspo, and want to connect with other blogs… xoxo


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